You have picked the date and venue for your special day. Everything else is organised so why not add the sound of bagpipes on the day you begin your married life?

Music and Entertainment is a huge part of any wedding and with CWH Piping I can give your wedding both whilst adding some good old Scottish culture to your special celebration.

See our wedding packages below


Standard Full Day Package
With the Standard Package you will receive a Solo Piper for the following:

  • Guests on their arrival to the ceremony

  • The bridal party's arrival to the venue

  • The bride going down the aisle

  • The newly married couple going back up the aisle

  • Everyone as they gather for the first few photographs post ceremony

  • The top table to their seats at dinner

  • The bride and groom to their seats at dinner






















Deluxe Full Day Package

With the Deluxe Package you will receive a Snare Drummer accompanying the Piper for the following

  • Guests arriving to the ceremony

  • The Bridal Party's arrival to the ceremony

  • For the Bride walking down the aisle (Optional)

  • For the newly married couple coming back up the aisle

  • Everyone as they gather for photographs*

  • The Top Table going into Dinner

  • The Bride and Groom going into Dinner

*After the first group photos are taken the bride and groom have the opportunity to take part in a Bride and Groom Drum Battle for more details on this get in touch!

Both the Standard and Deluxe Full Day Package also receive a Pipe Majors Toast free of charge after being played into dinner.

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